White Paper: Performance Risk Management

Trendrating has introduced the notion of Performance Risk Management to avoid downside risk and improve returns.  Our research has shown that portfolio managers who only implement volatility and market risk management can improve their performance by adding this key element to their workflow. To see how it can be applied to your investment approach, request…

Trendrating ETF Upgrades & Downgrades

With Trendrating you can evaluate the direction and the quality of medium to long-term price trends for stocks, ETFs, indices, sectors and countries.
Trendrating is equally effective at identifying meaningful trends at the macro level, as well as screening from the bottom up to validate or generate new ideas.

US Bottom Fishing

This report displays a selection of US stocks that have recently been upgraded after a pronounced downtrend. This indicates a good time to monitor these momentum turnaround trends early. See report: www.trendrating.com/wp-content/uploads/download-manager-files/US_Bottom_Fishing_3.11.19.pdf For Full List of Bottom Fishing Ideas Contact us at: sales@trendrating.com phone: 1.508.315.6313

US Potential Winners and Losers

This new report lists stocks that have been upgraded to A or B or downgraded to C or D over the last 20 days. Trendrating’s innovative model filters out the strongest trends to participate in and the worst ones to avoid, by applying a multi-layered set of analytics. The full list of upgrades and downgrades…