New Version of Performance Management Platform with Enhanced Portfolio Risk Monitoring Capabilities

Trendrating, a global leader in cutting edge “trend capture” technology, today announced the release of version 2.0 of its performance management platform. Key features include systematic portfolio monitoring and enhanced ranking capabilities on large universes of securities. These major updates will help portfolio managers, wealth managers and advisors to facilitate the systematic monitoring of emerging risks and opportunities across all portfolio holdings.

Performance Management Platform

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Trendrating 2.0 showcases a new Portfolio Analysis home page that enables clients to quickly spot key trend reversals and new trend developments across all their portfolios. Daily alerts are also pushed out via email and a mobile app. This new view will save time in the portfolio analysis and decision-making process in order to help asset managers make better informed decisions and boost overall returns. The updated screening tool can sort any large universe of securities and rank them by user defined parameters to identify the sets of best and worst trends. From a risk management perspective, this helps to avoid stocks that can weigh down portfolios, and improves performance management by focusing in on stocks with trends that are in sync with fundamentals.

The Trendrating Model was designed to seamlessly complement fundamental analysis. Identifying and capturing trends is the essence of successful investing. The ability to capture trends, profiting during bull markets and avoiding bear phases, is the key to superior investment performance on a consistent basis. Trendrating adds a layer of intelligence to supplement any investment style in order to raise the accuracy of security selection and portfolio construction. Trendrating ratings and analytics can be accessed within its cloud-based software platform or as a data feed.

“The vast majority of active managers under perform year after year without trying a new approach”, said Rocco Pellegrinelli, Founder and CEO of Trendrating. “New analytics and tools are changing the game in our industry. History proves that the survivors will be those who take action by adopting innovation, while those who sit idle will be replaced. Trendrating fills a critical gap in market intelligence by adding valuable information to the investment decision making process.”

About Trendrating 
Trendrating is a market leading provider of analytics and technology for professional equity investors. The company serves 100+ customers globally in the areas of asset management and wealth management. Trendrating has developed a proprietary, sophisticated model to rate securities, indices and portfolios. The rating captures medium term price trends on securities, assesses a portfolio’s exposure to bull vs. bear trends and supports a more effective and pro-active risk control. The mission of the company is to help customers to more effectively capture trends, profiting from bull markets and avoiding bear phases as this is the key to superior performance on a consistent basis. Learn more at

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