How Smart Momentum Beats Relative Strength

• DWA issued significantly more buy and sell signals through the year
• In the 20 stocks analyzed, Trendrating resulted in a higher ending value 80% of the time (1 was a tie)
• Both models would have protected against significant losses for the bottom 10 stocks
• Trendrating captured 33% more upside than Dorsey Wright for the 10 best stocks in 2017

Momentum Analysis: Increased Risks in Equity Markets

Equity markets have been on a long positive run – a much greater than average 18 months without a correction

Trendrating has recently been issuing a higher number of downgrades, raising flags about the direction of equity markets

To protect from damaging negative returns, investors are advised to use Trendrating to monitor their portfolios and watch lists for securities in negative momentum

Investors are encouraged to dedicate more time to the systematic control of risks

Trendrating Smart Momentum: Macro Analysis July 2017

Momentum is strongest in Developed Europe

Oil & Gas and Telecoms exhibited the strongest move to negative momentum

Health Care was the only sector to show an improvement in momentum

Model is advocating an over-weight for DM Europe and DM Asia equity

Investing along with the model strategy  returned 2% in June, out-performing its benchmark by 1.8%