Momentum Analysis: Increased Risks in Equity Markets

Equity markets have been on a long positive run – a much greater than average 18 months without a correction

Trendrating has recently been issuing a higher number of downgrades, raising flags about the direction of equity markets

To protect from damaging negative returns, investors are advised to use Trendrating to monitor their portfolios and watch lists for securities in negative momentum

Investors are encouraged to dedicate more time to the systematic control of risks

Momentum Analysis: European Banks

Early this year, we released a report on European Banks urging investors to be wary as this sector was trending negatively (see link). In that report, we highlighted five negatively rated banks with bad performance. Seven months later, having to contend with a low interest rate environment and increased regulatory scrutiny, all five banks are…


Since about August 2014, Oil prices have been heading lower. From a high of about $114, Brent Crude dropped as low as $27.9 before recovering. Below is a one-year chart for Brent Crude from Trendrating. The graph clearly shows the steep fall in crude and the recovery, post March. Trendrating currently has a positive rating…