How Smart Momentum Beats Relative Strength

• DWA issued significantly more buy and sell signals through the year
• In the 20 stocks analyzed, Trendrating resulted in a higher ending value 80% of the time (1 was a tie)
• Both models would have protected against significant losses for the bottom 10 stocks
• Trendrating captured 33% more upside than Dorsey Wright for the 10 best stocks in 2017

Deteriorating Momentum in Fixed Income Securities

Momentum Ratings for Bond ETFs were downgraded to a C rating (start of a negative trend) in Trendrating’s November 2016 report

Since the C rating, there has been an average price drop of 7%

Since November 2016, the Bond ETFs covered in the November report have been further downgraded to a D rating (established negative trend)

High Yield Bond ETFs remain in positive momentum territory

The Best Trends of 2016 – STOXX 600

Forecasting trends is impossible

Following trends is possible & lucrative

In 2016, Trendrating captured 73% of upward moves for the best performing stocks in the SXXP

Correct calls on Sector Momentum opened up many opportunities in an unpredictable year

Trendrating Identified End of Bond Market Rally

The historically long bond rally is over. Negative momentum began creeping into bond markets a few months ago. Did you have the proper technology tools to identify the momentum shift? Unfortunately, many financial institutions did not and scrambled to unwind big positions. Trendrating is an excellent way to monitor Macro Market conditions in an objective,…


What a difference a year makes. This time last year investors were particularly bullish on European Banks as they were expected to benefit from higher bond yields, rising inflation expectations and an improving economic picture. Alas a slowdown in China and plunging oil prices have since changed this outlook. More recently, uninspiring earnings reports and…


US Technology stocks like most other sectors, have endured a terrible start to 2016. At the time of writing, The Nasdaq Composite index is down 14.6% on a YTD basis and underperforming the S&P 500 index by about 5%.  Dismal forecasts from companies such as LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) and Tableau Software (DATA), the strong dollar…

MOMENTUM ANALYSIS: Global Oil and Gas Stocks

WTI Crude has been on a steep downward trend, dropping over 75% in about 18 months.   At the time of writing, WTI had recently hit a 12-year low, briefly dipping below $27 per barrel.  As a result, Oil & Gas Produces, Equipment Service & Distribution companies have all seen sharp falls in their share prices.…