Trendrating ETF Upgrades & Downgrades

With Trendrating you can evaluate the direction and the quality of medium to long-term price trends for stocks, ETFs, indices, sectors and countries.
Trendrating is equally effective at identifying meaningful trends at the macro level, as well as screening from the bottom up to validate or generate new ideas.

S&P 500 Top & Bottom Ranked Stocks

Trendrating has a long track record of accurately capturing the best stock trends to participate in, while identifying the worst trends to avoid. Our Ranking Tool can quickly sort out large investment universes to provide you with intelligent analytics that incorporate seamlessly with other forms of research to provide a better informed decision. This report…

S&P 500 Constituent Smart Momentum Update

Download Full Report! The Trendrating ranking tool allows you to quickly rank any universe you are trying to find opportunities in. You can even upload your actual portfolio holdings to see how they stack up within your universe. The results of ranking a universe can be downloaded to Excel with the ranking order intact. Contact…