EU Best and Worst Performers

This report lists a selection of the best performing and worst performing rated stocks in the EU for the month of February. Many of these ratings have been on for a prolonged period and these stocks have still continued to trend. Learn More: For a demonstration on how Trendrating helps improve returns and control…

DM Asia Market Analysis

Trendrating currently rates Developed Asia as a C, with 98 upgrades vs. 83 downgrades over the past week. New Zealand is the only country in positive territory (B rating). Contact for a demonstration to see how Trendrating can help increase returns and control portfolio risk, from both the Top Down and Bottom Up. Learn More:…

US Potential Winners and Losers

2019 will be a year where intelligent stock picking can make a difference, as we expect a strong distribution of performance. Trendrating delivers a proven methodology to outperform benchmarks using a selection process that identifies the strongest trends to invest in, and the weakest ones to avoid. For a demonstration contact us at Learn More:…

US Market Analysis

Most US Sectors have undergone more upgrades than downgrades over the past few weeks led by Industrials and Technology. Oil & Gas remains the weakest trending sector. Contact us at to request a free 21 day evaluation. Download Analysis  

Emerging Market Opportunities

Trendrating provides professional investors with a “Go Anywhere” investment approach with coverage of over 50 equities markets worldwide. Download the recent report that shows the top ten A rated securities in Emerging Markets by region (Americas, Asia, EMEA).  Contact us at for a free 21 day evaluation.  

Trendrating ETFs Analysis

Upgrades to Equity ETFs continue to outpace downgrades by a wide margin.  The margin of upgrades to downgrades for Fixed Income ETFs is also high. Click Here for More Details Take advantage of daily new investment opportunities using Trendrating platform! Contact Us Now to Request a Free Demonstration: Email: Phone: 1.508.315.6313

US Potential Winners and Losers

Download the report of upgrades and downgrades generated by Trendrating over the last 20 days. The full list of upgrades and downgrades is available in the Trendrating Platform. Trendrating is trusted by portfolio managers globally to enhance returns and control risk. Download Report   Contact Us Now to Request a Free Demonstration: Email: Phone:…

Developed Europe Trend Capture Analysis

Overall weighted DM Europe momentum is C. UK is the country recording the highest number of downgrades. Countries with the largest percentage A and B stocks is Israel and Ireland has the lowest percentage of positively rated stocks. See Full Report Contact Us Now to Request a Free Demonstration: Email: Phone: 1.508.315.6313